Sharon Wheelers ScarWork (in conjunction with Manual Lymphatic Drainage/ MLD or any of the other tools used by Bedfordshire Lymphoedema) helps to improve the health and feel of scars even when they are a result of accidents and injury.

Bedfordshire Lymphoedema are able to provide ScarWork with MLD. It can also be used alongside Deep Oscillation, Low Level Laser Therapy and Kinesiology Taping.

ScarWork is a series of different techniques that involve gentle, non painful movements that can release soft tissue making a scar less tight and more mobile. It has been reported that scars feel softer and look better. These techniques can relieve pain and numbness at the same time as promoting the healing of the scar.

Scars can disrupt lymphatic flow, making the treatment of Lymphoedema difficult. ScarWork compliments Manual Lymphatic Drainage by encouraging and stimulating lymphatic flow where there has been localised disruption.

A full assessment is required pre-treatment and a series of treatments is recommended.

ScarWork can be used for scars relating to:

  • mastectomies (full and partial)
  • spinal surgery including discectomy
  • achilles and patella tendon surgery
  • Injuries caused by car accidents
  • Portacath and tube/drain sites
  • Tummy tucks and other cosmetic surgeries such as breast reduction/enlargement
  • burns or scalds

as well as.....

  • knee replacement
  • hip replacement
  • skin grafts
  • facial scarring (from surgery or injury)
  • foot surgery
  • abdominal surgery, including appendectomy, gall bladder removal, hysterectomy
  • and C-section
  • keloid scarring

But unfortunately not for deep acne scarring. Working over mesh is not recommended. 

ScarWork was developed by Sharon Wheeler in 1973. Since then it has grown and developed into what we know now as ScarWork. In the UK, there are just over a 100 qualified therapists able to perform this life changing skill.

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