Lymphoedema Treatment and Rehabilitation

Bedfordshire Lymphoedema offers both long-term and short-term bespoke Lymphoedema Treatment packages


Lymphoedema is when there is an increase in protein rich fluids and is caused either by a mechanical problem (usually you are born with this kind of issue) or treatment, injury or illness (most commonly known as secondary lymphoedema). Most Lymphoedema is caused by the latter.

Lymphoedema presents as a persistent or worsening swelling. With signs like clothes getting tighter with indentations from trousers or bras. There might be heaviness, heat or tingling in one or both of your arms/ legs, or in some cases abdomen. These are some of the early symptoms. Any unexplained swelling should be assessed by your GP.

Being diagnosed with Lymphoedema can be bewildering and frightening. Despite there not being a cure yet, the aim is for symptoms to be controlled using a variety of “tools”. And many people go on to lead very fulfilling lives.

There are wraps,kinesiology taping, compression garments/ hosiery, manual lymphatic drainage (or self-lymph drainage), a good skin care regime, good diet, weight management and exercise.

We have recently introduced The WaveStone and ScarWork as additional tools to help with Lymphoedema treatment.

The Wavestone is made out of white jade that is made to contour the body. The stones can be used hot or cold. Using the stones in conjunction with Manual Lymphatic Drainage can be beneficial for the lymphatic and circulatory system. 

All these tools help to improve symptoms and therefore quality of life.

Bedfordshire Lymphoedema aims to make your life more for filling and your Lymphoedema journey a lot smoother.

What to expect? What is the first step?

The initial assessment takes about an hour and a half. We will discuss items like current medication and past medical history, as well as how you have been dealing with the lymphoedema so far. We might measure affected limbs so that we can quantify the issue.

Once we have all the facts - we create a plan of treatment - together. This may include us contacting your GP about a prescription request (with your permission) for compression garments or teaching you Simple Lymphatic Drainage (SLD). It is our aim to give you the tools to self manage, as well as signposting you to other useful resources and services.



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