Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) / Photobiomodulation

Bedfordshire Lymphoedema offer Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) / Photobiomodulation.

What is LLLT?

Low Level Laser Therapy (or Photobiomodulation) is a low intensity red and near infrared light therapy. It is not a treatment that concentrates on heat but the chemical reactions due to light.

Most published clinical research focuses on tissue repair, inflammation and pain. 

How does it work?

Light in the near infra-red spectrum penetrates into the tissues where it can stimulate the mitochondrial function or inhibit pain (depending on the strength of LLLT administered).

The effects of stimulating can be improvement and quality of tissue repair and reduced inflammation.

Inhibiting pain can produce an analgesic effect.

These are some of the conditions where LLLT has been used:

- Lymphoedema (help with the management of symptoms)

- Pain (Chronic or Acute)

- Sports Injury Rehabilitation

- Oral Mucositis

- Wound Healing

- Post Operative Recovery

- Scar Therapy



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