COVID - 19 Policy (Home Visits)

When I enter your home, this is your own environment. I need to take measures to mitigate any chances of contamination getting into your home as well as taking infection elsewhere that I may visit during the day.

(Our policy is based on current guidance - which may change from time to time)

Service is due to recommence on the 13th July  - and we are very excited to see everyone again!


I ask that:

  • you take a shower prior to your treatment
  • take your temperature on the day of the appointment and let me know you are fit and well either by text, email or phone.
  • if you have had any contact with anyone with COVID-19 that you let me know as soon as possible to cancel the appointment
  • you answer and open the doors so I touch nothing on my way in
  • you provide the towels and pillows
  • we use no creams
  • a cleared area to erect my table (on the ground floor)
  • you wear a mask
  • windows be left open for ventilation (no fans or air conditioning should be on)


I recommend:

  • that you clean all the surfaces that I might have touched after I have left (wipes or spray - with a single use cloth - can be used with gloves)
  • wash the towels or any other item that item that might have had contact with me washed soon after the treatment at 60 degrees celsius - these items do not need to be separated from other laundry..


I will:

  • take nothing into your home that is unnecessary
  • wear an mask and plastic apron
  • dispose of my own rubbish
  • bring in a treatment table that is clean and sanitised, and clean it on the way out
  • sanitise my hands before and after the treatment
  • document my cleaning procedures and your general health on the day of treatment


Currently, I am signposting clients to Juzo Assist for their off the shelf compression garment needs; so it reduces contact time.

I am also doing initial consultations via Zoom - these will take an hour. To ensure that all face to face contact is optimised.

Instead of increasing prices I am decreasing the time I see patients; and the difference will be the clean up time. I will have additional paperwork and cleaning protocols. 

40 mins treatment and 20 mins clean up time = £50



Call or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

07961 548495

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