Why Should We.....

.....Love Ourselves?

24 June 2020


You hear it often. Loud and very clear. Love yourself because no one else will love you as much. Is this true and should we aspire to these great heights?

Loving yourself is hard work – because it means focusing on you and you alone. Not what you are going to wear, who is in the car behind you or what is happening tomorrow. It means being aware of your feelings, interactions, thoughts and the now. The rapport you develop with yourself; is probably the most important relationship you will ever have.

You….have a body that does some amazing things like childbirth, heal and problem solve.

You….have a body that responds to stresses in positive and negative ways.

You….have a mind that has the potential for self-loathing and self-doubt…why allow it do that? It feels awful!

You…have the ability to look after your body so it can look after you (i.e diet, exercise).

Pretty amazing isn't it?

So, what is stopping YOU from self-love? Nothing.

In fact, by reading this you are embarking on your first steps of self-love.

One way you can start this journey is to meditate. I am not suggesting you get a yoga mat and sit at sunrise doing the down-ward dog straightaway. Start small.

The best way to begin is to be conscious of your breathing. Your breath is your best friend – it’s the first thing you do and the last act before you die. Why not become more acquainted with it? Breathing also helps clear the M25 of the lymphatic system and encourages better lymphatic drainage. It can also help with dieting – people who breathe quickly or rapidly tend to overeat. In addition, our breath can be an indicator of mood and help with exercise. But above all, it can be relaxing.

There are many good reasons to be aware of our breathing but actually paying attention to our best friend for 5 – 10 minutes a day can be challenging. When I first started wanting to be aware of my breath, I went to YouTube for some guided meditations which really helped. Over the years, I have developed my own breathing practice which has helped me relax and exercise better. It also provides a little break for my busy brain which needs looking after too!

Self-love is not expensive and doesn’t take much of your day. So, do YOURself a favour…act now…give yourself a little love.







Why Should We..... was published by Bedfordshire Lymphoedema on June 24, 2020


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