Walking on your air…..

We all take walking for granted and in some ways it is like breathing. It is expected.


01 July 2020


Imagine walking without looking at your feet, without purpose or reason, and not looking at the scenery. Could you do it? I challenge you…

Here are some pointers…


  • Dedicate some time for you each day


  • You can walk inside or outside


  • Start small with 5 minutes at a time


  • Focus on something in the distance


  • Stand still for a moment to ground yourself and


  • Notice your breath initially and then….


  • As you walk take note of all feeling and sensations


  • Try not to notice other people if they pass you


  • Find a pace that is good for you


Try to flex those concentration and body muscles by increasing the time you do it …. And take a mental note of how you feel before and afterwards…


Remember movement helps the lymphatic system, breathing helps with lymphatic drainage and relaxation is great for your mental well-being.


Happy Walking!



Walking on your air….. was published by Bedfordshire Lymphoedema on July 1, 2020


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