The Future of Now....

The creativity and community we have shown during this crisis has been incredible...what does this mean for the future?

22 May 2020

The last 10 weeks have been a whirlwind for me - thankfully. Homeschooling, gardening, working on various projects in the house and work related endeavours.

I have been keeping up to date with initiatives from the Lymphoedema community, including companies and charities. I have been inspired and amazed by the innovation and action of others. For example; Juzo Assist and AccelarateCIC. This gives me hope for a somewhat brighter future for the community.

However, despite some of the incredible work, there are still many who are not able to (for one reason or another) access these great initiatives. Lack of technology, lack of awareness in the local healthcare system, no local Lymphoedema charity or service to provide advice for local healthcare professionals are some of the barriers noted. 

The result of a poor service and awareness can result in great suffering for the individuals concerned. Poor fitting and inappropriate garments, not enough advice regarding exercises and lifestyle. This can have a detrimental effect on a patient’s mental health. I have met some patients who feel they cannot go outside because they feel ashamed, embarrassed and a burden - all because the local services have not established the size of the problem. I must add that in some areas of the country, the local provision is world class but in other parts non-existent. Inequalities in healthcare.....lack of continuity.

Being a Health Care Professional myself, I am very familiar with the pressures and priorities that exist within the health service. But this is a problem that could be sorted out with innovative partnerships between the public and private sector.

If anything, this current crisis has shown how our collective creative abilities have helped others....some others.

Now it is time to find ways of helping the others that are not seen or heard.

(Pictures below: Juzo Patient Diary, Cancer Research UK - Exercises that are available on YouTube, LymphConnect - Jobst, Juzo Assist)




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