What to Expect?

Whatever the reason for having one of the treatments, an assessment prior to the treatment is essential.

This is to ensure that it is safe and appropriate to treat.


Your first session with Rachel will be the assessment (Face to Face or remotely). Depending on what treatment you are wanting to have and why, it can range from 30 mins to an hour.

If it is safe and appropriate to proceed with the treatment after the assessment, then this can be arranged if there is time.

In certain conditions, I may have to contact your GP or the consultant in charge of your care prior to treatment.

The assessment will cover your medical and surgical history, as well as medication and allergies. We will also discuss lifestyle, reasons for treatment and look at the areas concerned on your body.

If you have an infection at the time of assessment, it is best to wait until you have fully recovered or completed a full course of antibiotics before treatment.

Where necessary, I will teach you Simple Lymphatic Drainage (or SLD). These are simple movements to stimulate the lymphatic system to optimise healing and well-being. I recommend these be done between treatments and beyond....

The treatments are usually done on treatment bed.

All of my treatments are gentle and should be pain free. With the exception of the Relaxation and Reiki elements - they all involve gentle hand movements on the skin. Should you feel any pain or tingling at any point - you need to let me know. Don't be surprised if you fall asleep.

After the treatment....relax! I would rest and keep hydrated. Keep alcohol to a minimum and have an early night. People's reactions to treatments vary. Be aware of changes and if you have any concerns - contact me.



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